Our products are developed with a game engine based on a powerful object-oriented C++ library. This multi-platform library enables us to design games or multimedia applications for PC/Mac, mobile or consoles

It is used for most of our in-house projects developments, affording great efficiency and code reusability. This method facilitates product maintenance and increase  our development capacity.

The engine include the follwing features:

  • a multitask and multithread engine (event-oriented, and entity-class programming)
  • a 3D engine using powerful 3D technologies (based on OpenGL)
  • a physic engine with object hierarchy (dynamics, collisions, particles, skeleton animation)
  • a module dedicated to multiplayer network gaming.
  • a module dedicated to AI programming
  • a multimedia module (video or sound streaming, image import/export, 3d objets import)
  • mobile features support: tactile interface, GPS usage, photo or video capture, QR code decoding
  • a built-in profiler module to facilitate optimisation and debugging
  • a localisation module including full support of unicode allowing easy multilingual adaptation
  • A web interface module allowing easy access to databases, sending web requests or files transfers.
  • a DRM & versioning module: for encrypting, registration, and automatic updates system for end users.